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Jef Goodger

Remember the Vuvuzelas?

By May 2, 2011

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One of the many non-bowling items to come out of the Dick Weber PBA Playoffs, now more than two weeks in the past, was the backlash at the vuvuzelas in the bowling alley during the final telecast.

I, then and now, loathe vuvuzelas, and I did write in this blog a minor rant on the horrible horns. However, I am against them because the sound annoys me. That's it. Because they were never blown during a bowler's delivery (but incessantly after every shot), they didn't really affect anything except the serenity of my ears. A lot of other bowling fans went much further with their disdain.

Mike J. Laneside posted an excellent column titled Is a Little Fun Really the End of the World? in which he outlines the real issue here: fans having fun watching bowling. Essentially, annoying or not, if the fans are enjoying the vuvuzelas, how is that harmful?

I said at the time I liked the PBA taking the initiative to try something different, and I love the fact they're looking to get fans more involved. Due to personal distaste for those hideous horns, I hope fans can find other ways to have fun between shots. Regardless of your opinion on the horns themselves, or even if you're of the these-things-will-kill-pro-bowling attitude, Mike J. Laneside's article is worth a read. I'm not telling you to agree or disagree with him, but he makes a lot of good points.

I support the PBA trying to find new ways to bring in fans. I hate vuvuzelas and hope to never hear one at a PBA event again. However, if giving horns to fans helps grow the sport of professional bowling, and if the fans continue to respect the bowlers by not blowing the horns during shots, I suppose I have to support that, too. As long as I have some industrial-strength ear plugs, that is.


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