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Jef Goodger

No-Tap Bowling Scoring

By May 16, 2011

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Have you ever heard anyone talk about no-tap bowling or 9-pin no-tap or something of the sort and wondered what that person was talking about? It's a fairly common form of bowling scoring that, in the simplest terms, makes it easier to throw high scores.

In a game of 9-pin no-tap bowling, for instance, any ball you throw that knocks down 9 or more pins counts as a strike. In 8-pin no-tap bowling, any ball that knocks down 8 or more counts as a strike. In the latter case, you could theoretically throw 12 consecutive 7-10 splits and still get a 300.

This article is a slightly more in-depth explanation of no-tap bowling and where and why it's used.


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