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What Type of Bowler Are You?


If you watch or read about bowling on even a semi-regular basis, you've probably heard bowlers described as crankers, strokers or tweeners. These are not the extent of bowling styles, but they are the three most common. However, the definition of tweeners (essentially a combination between a cranker and a stroker) alone implies categorizing every bowler into a neat little bucket is nearly impossible, and I question whether trying to do so is futile.

There are also power strokers, spinners, two-handers, (although again, one could argue a two-handed bowler is also a cranker or a stroker or a tweener or a spinner or a flier) and other less prominent styles. For the record, "flier" is made up. But it seems like it could fit, right?

Regardless of whether the styles cross over enough that it's almost senseless to try to put your game into one, it could help to know where you fall. For instance, if you're looking to buy a new bowling ball and want to know how to properly drill it, your pro-shop operator might ask about your bowling style to give him or her an idea of where to begin.

So, which are you? Cranker? Stroker? Tweener? Other? Have a gander at these brief overview articles:

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