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Urethane Cover Stock Bowling Balls Overview - About.com
An overview of urethane cover stocks and bowling balls.
Plastic and Polyester Cover Stock Bowling Balls - About.com
An overview of plastic and polyester cover stocks and bowling balls.
Reactive Resin Bowling Balls and Cover Stocks - About.com
An overview of reactive-resin cover stocks and bowling balls.
Bowling Balls - Bowling Ball Cover Stocks - About.com
Information on the benefits and downsides of each bowling-ball cover stock.
How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball - About.com
Bowling with the right ball will dramatically improve your scores and consistency. For beginners, finding the right ball is often a daunting task, so you may want to ...
How Often Should I Clean My Bowling Ball? - About.com
A quick overview of how often to clean your bowling ball.
How to Clean Your Bowling Ball - Immersion Method - Immerse the ...
A step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your bowling reactive-resin bowling ball using the immersion method.
How Much Should Your Bowling Ball Weigh? - About.com
Bowling balls come in many different weights. Which one is right for you?
What is the Bowling Ball Side Weight Hole? - About.com
Why do some bowling balls have four holes in them? What is a weight hole? It all stems from side weight.
Bowling Myth - The More Bowling Balls Someone Has, the Better ...
Can you determine the quality of a bowler by the number of bowling balls in his arsenal?
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