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Andres Gomez Repeats as Carmen Salvino Classic Champion

2013 Carmen Salvino Classic Finals


Andres Gomez and Carmen Salvino

Andres Gomez and Carmen Salvino

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

The PBA Winter Swing events differed from most PBA Tour events for a number of reasons (namely the introduction of the PBA League), but one major difference is the fact only two bowlers would advance from qualifying to have a chance at the title. Typically, four bowlers (or thereabouts, depending on the tournament), compete in a stepladder format.

This time, in order to have a shot, a bowler had to be either number one or number two after eight games of qualifying, eight more of match play and a position round.

D.J. Archer didn’t seem to have a problem with that. He jumped out on top early and stayed there all the way through all 17 games. The second spot, however, was highly contested. After the eight games of qualifying and eight more of match play, Tom Smallwood held the #2 spot, 24 pins ahead of Gomez and 71 pins ahead of Sean Rash.

After throwing a 268 against Sean Rash in the position round, Gomez jumped over Smallwood and into the title match, seeking his second career title and second consecutive Carmen Salvino Classic title.

Championship Match: D.J. Archer vs. Andres Gomez

This match was decided fairly early. Although Archer dominated the lanes and everyone in his way throughout qualifying, it’s hard to keep up with a guy who opens with six strikes, as Gomez did.

By the time Gomez missed, when he left a 2 pin in the seventh frame (and picked it up), he already led by more than 50. Archer put together a turkey spanning the seventh through ninth frames, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Andres Gomez earned his second PBA Tour title as well as accomplished the rare feat of repeating as champion of an event. Gomez is now the two-time defending Carmen Salvino Classic champion.

Final scores: Gomez 246, Archer 197

Prize Money

  1. Andres Gomez, $15,000
  2. D.J. Archer, $7,500
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