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2012-2013 PBA TV Schedule

Every PBA Telecast of the 2012-2013 Season


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The Professional Bowlers Association is using the 2012-2013 PBA Tour season as a transitional period into a calendar-year schedule, beginning in 2014. That's not to say the sole purpose of the season is transition, as this season is packed with more events and television coverage than any season in recent memory.

If last season's Player of the Year race, which was won by Sean Rash by a narrow margin, is any indication, this is the perfect time to expand the PBA Tour season. The bowling will be competitive, exciting and, fans would hope, another tight race for not just the Player of the Year Award, but also each tournament along the way.

The 33rd consecutive season on ESPN begins December 9 with the World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA, which will be contested during the World Series of Bowling in November. Five more events from the World Series will air over the following few weeks, culminating with the season's first major, the PBA World Championship, on January 13, 2013.

February 24 will feature a live broadcast of the USBC Masters finals, and the PBA Tournament of Champions will take place on March 31. Two more majors will be contested in 2013, but have yet to be scheduled. The U.S. Open will be held in July, and another PBA World Championship, a mainstay of the World Series of Bowling, will be announced along with the rest of November 2013's WSOB.

New PBA play-by-play announcer Lon McEachern, who made his PBA debut over the summer in the GEICO Summer Shootout, will call the ESPN action alongside PBA Hall of Famer and long-time color commentator Randy Pedersen. Former PBA play-by-play man Dave Ryan joins Pedersen on the CBS Sports telecasts.

New to the PBA Tour this season include two World Series of Bowling events (November of 2012 and November of 2013) and the PBA Winter Swing, which will be held near Detroit in January. Many of this season's televised events will last two hours, an increase over last year's standard time of 90 minutes.

All times shown are Eastern Time. Bold denotes a major championship. The events listed here are those that have already been announced through April 7. Many more events will be televised throughout the year, and will be added to this schedule as the information is released.

2012-2013 PBA TV Schedule

DateEventTime (ET)Channel
December 9, 2012World Bowling Tour Finals (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 16, 2012Cheetah Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 23, 2012Viper Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 30, 2012Chameleon Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 6, 2013Scorpion Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 13, 2013PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 20, 2013Round 1 Japan Cup3:00 p.m.ESPN
January 27, 2013PBA League Elias Cup, Round 112:00 p.m.ESPN
February 3, 2013Chris Paul PBA League All-Stars4:00 p.m.ESPN
February 10, 2013PBA League Elias Cup, Round 2, Carmen Salvino Classic Finals3:00 p.m.ESPN
February 17, 2013PBA League Elias Cup, Round 3, Mark Roth Classic Finals3:00 p.m.ESPN
February 24, 2013USBC Masters3:00 p.m.ESPN
March 3, 2013PBA League Elias Cup, Round 4, Don Carter Classic Finals3:00 p.m.ESPN
March 24, 2013PBA League Elias Cup, Round 5, Earl Anthony PBA Players Championship Finals1:00 p.m.ESPN
March 31, 2013PBA Tournament of Champions2:30 p.m.ESPN
April 7, 2013PBA League Elias Cup Finals1:00 p.m.ESPN
June 11, 2013PBA Badger Open7:00 p.m.CBS Sports
June 18, 2013PBA Wolf Open7:00 p.m.CBS Sports
June 25, 2013PBA Bear Open7:00 p.m.CBS Sports
July 2, 2013PBA Milwaukee Open7:00 p.m.CBS Sports
July 9, 2013PBA Summer King of the Swing7:00 p.m.CBS Sports
July 27, 20132013 U.S. Open12:00 p.m.ESPN
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