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PBA League Draft Recap

All the Picks from the Inaugural PBA League Draft


Eight teams will make up the first ever PBA League, each with a franchise player (the top eight PBA Tour bowlers in last season's competition-points list) who will select five bowlers to fill out a six-person roster.

The draft order was randomly selected from among those eight bowlers, and follows the rules of a serpentine draft, meaning the bowler who picks eighth also picks ninth, then goes in reverse order until the man with the first pick makes the 16th pick.

The first four rounds of the draft filled out the teams of five, and a supplemental round added one bowler to each team who will bowl in the event of an injury or other source of unavailability to a bowler on the main roster.

All PBA Tour bowlers who declared themselves eligible for the draft were up for grabs by the franchise players. Although a total of more than 140 bowlers put themselves into the draft, only 40 were selected.

Many of the obvious choices went early, even if the exact order involved a few surprises, but an interesting part of the draft involved the supplemental round. Since some of the eligible bowlers were in attendance for the draft, it appeared as if that became a factor in getting selected as the draft neared its end. So, if you're an eligible bowler who wants to get drafted in the future, it might be a good idea to show up and sit in the audience (and make sure the drafters see you).

Draft Order

  1. Norm Duke
  2. Pete Weber
  3. Bill O'Neill
  4. Jason Belmonte
  5. Mike Fagan
  6. Sean Rash
  7. Chris Barnes
  8. Osku Palermaa

View the complete rosters of each PBA League team.

PBA League Draft Recap

RoundOverallFranchise PlayerPick
11DukeRhino Page
12WeberTommy Jones
13O'NeillMika Koivuniemi
14BelmonteWes Malott
15FaganTom Smallwood
16RashRyan Ciminelli
17BarnesDom Barrett
18PalermaaMartin Larsen
29PalermaaDan MacLelland
210BarnesJosh Blanchard
211RashRyan Shafer
212FaganMike Scroggins
213BelmonteAndres Gomez
214O'NeillChris Loschetter
215WeberScott Norton
216DukeAmleto Monacelli
317DukeBryon Smith
318WeberJack Jurek
319O'NeillMike DeVaney
320BelmonteParker Bohn, III
321FaganRonnie Russell
322RashWalter Ray Williams, Jr.
323BarnesStuart Williams
324PalermaaPatrick Allen
425PalermaaThomas Larsen
426BarnesNathan Bohr
427RashJason Sterner
428FaganJesse Buss
429BelmonteDave Wodka
430O'NeillDick Allen
431WeberJohn Szczerbinski
432DukeMike Machuga
533DukeMike Wolfe
534WeberBrad Angelo
535O'NeillDino Castillo
536BelmonteIldemaro Ruiz
537FaganKelly Kulick
538RashTom Hess
539BarnesJonathan Van Hees
540PalermaaAnthony LaCaze
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