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2013 PBA League Rosters

The Complete Lineups for All Eight Teams


The 2013 Winter Swing, held at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan, will feature the first ever PBA League competition. The eight teams were chosen through a serpentine draft during the World Series of Bowling.

Team captains (or franchise players) were named based on their competition points from last season. The top eight bowlers were named captains and a random lottery determined the draft order. Due to the serpentine fashion, the first bowler to pick (Norm Duke) wouldn't pick again until number 16, where as the eighth bowler to pick (Osku Palermaa), would also pick ninth, as the draft would then go in reverse order until the end. Take a look at the complete, pick-by-pick draft recap.

Each team consists of five bowlers as well as a supplemental pick, which represents a bowler who will only compete if one of the bowlers on the main roster is unable due to injury or unforeseen circumstances. The bowlers will all be compensated with a salary, based on the round in which they were drafted, as well as any prize money they take home during league play.


  • Franchise players (technically the first-round picks) receive $10,000 each
  • Second-round picks receive $7,000 each
  • Third-round picks receive $5,000 each
  • Fourth-round picks receive $3,000 each
  • Fifth-round picks receive $2,000 each
  • Supplemental picks will be paid in the event they are needed in competition

1. Dallas Strikers

Dallas Strikers
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Celebrity owner Terrell Owens takes charge of the team headed by Norm Duke, who held the top overall pick in the draft.

  1. Norm Duke (franchise player)
  2. Rhino Page
  3. Amleto Monacelli
  4. Bryon Smith
  5. Mike Machuga
  6. Mike Wolfe (supplemental pick)

2. New York City WTT KingPins

New York City WTT KingPins
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber pieced together his team in the draft, relying on his own experiences as well as the advice of his first pick, Tommy Jones. The WTT KingPins are owned by Billie Jean King.

  1. Pete Weber (franchise player)
  2. Tommy Jones
  3. Scott Norton
  4. Jack Jurek
  5. John Szczerbinski
  6. Kelly Kulick (supplemental pick - acquired via trade with Motor City Muscle)

3. Philadelphia Hitmen

Philadelphia Hitmen Logo
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Comedian Kevin Hart takes the ownership position of the Philadelphia Hitmen, led by franchise player Bill O'Neill.

  1. Bill O'Neill (franchise player)
  2. Mika Koivuniemi
  3. Chris Loschetter
  4. Mike DeVaney
  5. Dick Allen
  6. Dino Castillo (supplemental pick)

4. L.A. X

L.A. X
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

One of the PBA's biggest advocates, NBA player Chris Paul, owns the team led by his usual partner in the Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational, Jason Belmonte.

  1. Jason Belmonte (franchise player)
  2. Wes Malott
  3. Andres Gomez
  4. Parker Bohn, III
  5. Dave Wodka
  6. Ildemaro Ruiz (supplemental pick)

5. Motown Muscle

Motown Muscle
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Owned by former NFL star Jerome Bettis, the Motown Muscle was put together in the draft by team captain Mike Fagan.

  1. Mike Fagan (franchise player)
  2. Tom Smallwood
  3. Mike Scroggins
  4. Ronnie Russell
  5. Jesse Buss
  6. Brad Angelo (supplemental pick - acquired via trade with New York City WTT KingPins)

6. Brooklyn Styles

Brooklyn Styles logo
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Franchise player and defending PBA Player of the Year Sean Rash did his best to put together a team built to win on any conditions. The Styles are owned by Jesse Williams.

  1. Sean Rash (franchise player)
  2. Ryan Ciminelli
  3. Ryan Shafer
  4. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
  5. Jason Sterner
  6. Tom Hess (supplemental pick)

7. Silver Lake Atom Splitters

Silver Lake Atom Splitters logo
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Franchise player Chris Barnes put together a team, owned by Nerdist Chris Hardwick, many consider to be one of the favorites in the 2013 PBA League season, mixing his fellow Wichita State alumni with two of England's best bowlers.

  1. Chris Barnes (franchise player)
  2. Dom Barrett
  3. Josh Blanchard
  4. Stuart Williams
  5. Nathan Bohr
  6. Jon VanHees (supplemental pick)

8. Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits

Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits logo
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

2012 PBA World Champion Osku Palermaa received the eighth pick in the draft and managed to put together an impressive roster consisting of bowlers from five different countries. The Jack Rabbits are owned by LaMarr Woodley.

  1. Osku Palermaa (franchise player)
  2. Martin Larsen
  3. Dan MacLelland
  4. Patrick Allen
  5. Thomas Larsen
  6. Anthony LaCaze (supplemental pick)
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