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2013 Philadelphia Hitmen

PBA League Team Profile


Team Name: Philadelphia Hitmen
Celebrity Owner: Kevin Hart
Franchise Player: Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill, the franchise player for the Phillie Hitmen, was given the third overall selection in the draft lottery, which he used to snag two-time PBA Player of the Year Mika Koivuniemi.

1. Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Although Bill O'Neill didn't win a PBA Tour title during the 2011-2012 PBA Tour season, he still performed well enough to earn his way to seventh on the competition-points list. The top eight became franchise players and earned the right to pick their own teams.

O'Neill came into the season with three PBA Tour titles, one of which was the 2010 U.S. Open. He also won the 2006 PBA Rookie of the Year Award. No matter what the event or the bowling center, O'Neill has a legitimate chance in any tournament he enters. That ability to control the event should be invaluable to his team in the PBA League.

2. Mika Koivuniemi

Mika Koivuniemi
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

A lot of people assumed Mika Koivuniemi would've been selected first overall by Norm Duke. After Duke picked Rhino Page, followed by Pete Weber picking Tommy Jones, O'Neill found himself in position to take one of the most formidable bowlers on Tour, and did so. Koivuniemi owns nine PBA Tour titles, three of which are majors (hence the nickname Major Mika), and has two PBA Player of the Year Awards to go along with his 2011 World Bowling Tour Championship.

One of Koivuniemi's greatest strengths is being able to take over a game or tournament when he's feeling right. Once he finds a line to the pins, he doesn't miss. Koivuniemi could easily wind up being the most valuable player of this team or even the entire league.

3. Chris Loschetter

Chris Loschetter
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

O'Neill's second pick, 14th overall, was Chris Loschetter, one of the PBA Tour's men of great potential. He's still looking for his first PBA Tour title, but he has finished second three times, including in the 2005 World Championship. With a good performance during the 2012 World Series of Bowling, Loschetter was sure to go early in the draft, and O'Neill and Koivuniemi were glad he was still available when they made their choice.

4. Mike DeVaney

Mike DeVaney
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Mike DeVaney, O'Neill's third selection and 19th overall, owns two PBA Tour titles and despite not being a television mainstay, is never a surprise when he does make the TV finals. DeVaney's value to the team is largely based on his consistency. He may not be overwhelmingly dominant (although he has the potential to be), but he will always give a good performance that will keep the team going in the right direction.

5. Dick Allen

Dick Allen
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Dick Allen won the inaugural Dick Weber PBA Playoffs in 2011, which was his third career PBA Tour title. Although he was without a title or even a television appearance in 2012, he's always been a contender in every tournament he enters due to his I-want-to-win temperament.

Allen doesn't take himself too seriously and has a good time on the lanes - especially when he's winning. His personality should be a positive influence on the rest of his time, a trait O'Neill surely took into account when making the selection.

6. Dino Castillo

O'Neill's supplemental pick, the bowler who will fill in if any of the bowlers on the main roster can't compete, is PBA Tour veteran Dino Castillo. He's yet to win a PBA Tour event, but has been a part of Team USA while winning multiple gold medals around the world.

Castillo is a solid bowler who gives O'Neill and the rest of the Hitmen peace of mind should anyone have to bow out for any reason.

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