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Brunswick Siege Bowling Ball

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Brunswick Siege Bowling Ball
Photo courtesy of Brunswick

The Bottom Line

Oil is no match for this ball, which will cut through to the end and drive through the pins like they’re not even there.

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  • Cuts through oil and finds traction where you don't think it should
  • Recovers very well on less-than-perfect shots
  • Carries through the pins with ease
  • Suits multiple bowling styles


  • Requires possible pre-use maintenance


  • Cover stock: reactive resin
  • Finish: matte
  • Color: black/silver
  • Ideal lane conditions: heavy oil
  • Price: $135-$150

Guide Review - Brunswick Siege Bowling Ball

This ball is a comeback for Brunswick. After a line of equipment some bowlers thought didn’t perform like the competitors, this ball hooks like anything else on the market. Whether on a house pattern or any of the PBA patterns, the Brunswick Siege finds a way to get to the pocket and destroy the pins.

Anyone who doesn’t believe equipment alone can raise your average needs to try this ball. Your average will go up.

The only negative is the possibility of needing to perform maintenance on the ball right away with some light sanding. For experienced bowlers, this isn’t a big deal, and might be part of your routine with any new ball. For a beginner, it seems like a hassle, but you’ll be so blown away by the way this ball operates, you won’t even notice a need to sand the ball.

For anyone looking to add hook, or margin for error, or carry, or confidence, or anything else—give this ball a try.

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