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Raw Hammer Anger Bowling Ball

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Raw Hammer Anger Bowling Ball
Photo courtesy of Hammer

The Bottom Line

An excellent ball for the money that outperforms many balls costing significantly more.


  • Costs very little for a reactive-resin ball
  • Carries through the pins, even on imperfect shots
  • Hooks easily for beginners and with precision for experts
  • Is very durable for a long time


  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Chips easily when its durability runs out


  • Cover stock: reactive resin
  • Finish: matte
  • Color: blue/silver
  • Ideal lane conditions: medium to heavy oil
  • Price: $90-$100

Guide Review - Raw Hammer Anger Bowling Ball

The Raw Hammer Anger is the perfect ball for someone who wants to learn to throw a hook. Less expensive than other reactive-resin balls, the Anger is an excellent choice if you want to work on throwing a hook without too much of a monetary risk.

That isn’t to say this is a beginner’s ball—it has power. You’ll find pocket shots with this ball to result in some of the best looking strikes of your life. Maybe even better, you’ll find yourself throwing a lot of strikes on shots that aren’t perfect.

The ball has a massive backend, and will give instant confidence to any novice trying to learn a hook. However, if you already throw a huge hook, you should probably stay away from this ball and go with something more controllable.

One downside is the Anger soaks up oil quickly and thus needs to be cleaned frequently, but with regular maintenance, this is a great ball.

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