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Bowling Equipment - Balls, Shoes, Gloves, Tape, Towels, and More

Learn everything you need to know about bowling equipment through reviews, descriptions, and articles on balls, shoes, gloves, tape, and everything else used in bowling.
  1. Bowling Ball Reviews (8)

Drilling a Bowling Ball - What You Need to Know First
Having a bowling ball drilled specifically for your hand and your game is a vital piece of becoming a consistent, high-scoring bowler. Before you drill your ball though, there are a few things you need to know.

Bowling Balls - Cover Stocks
Information on the benefits and downsides of each bowling-ball cover stock.

Reactive Resin Bowling Balls
An overview of reactive-resin cover stocks and bowling balls.

Urethane Bowling Balls
An overview of urethane cover stocks and bowling balls.

Plastic Bowling Balls
An overview of plastic and polyester cover stocks and bowling balls.

How to Choose a Bowling Bag
A quick guide on determining which bowling bag is best for you, your arsenal and your game.

Five Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Ball
Do you bowl even moderately often? Have you ever considered purchasing your own bowling ball, rather than using one of the balls on the rack in the alley? Here are five reasons to buy your own bowling ball.

Bowling Concepts Shirt Review
A review of a bowling shirt from Bowling Concepts.

RG Ratings Explained
A quick explanation of what an RG rating is in reference to a bowling ball.

Bowling-Ball Pins Explained
A quick explanation of a bowling ball's pin and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.

Bowling-Ball Tracks Explained
A quick explanation of a bowling ball's track and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.

How to Clean Your Bowling Ball - Immersion Method
A step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your bowling reactive-resin bowling ball using the immersion method.

How Often Should I Clean My Bowling Ball?
A quick overview of how often to clean your bowling ball.

How Much Should Your Bowling Ball Weigh?
Bowling balls come in many different weights. Which one is right for you?

Impressions of Brunswick
The kind folks with Brunswick took me through their facility in Muskegon, Michigan. It was fascinating. Here are my first impressions.

Bowling Myth - You Have to Use a 16-Pound Bowling Ball
The maximum legal bowling-ball weight is 16 pounds. Does that mean all the best bowlers use 16-pound bowling balls?

Bowling Myth - You Can Buy a Better Game
Can you become a better bowler simply by spending money on new equipment?

Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes?
Every bowling alley requires bowlers to wear bowling shoes, and it's not just so they can get another couple dollars out of you. It's for the safety of you, the other bowlers and the upkeep of the bowling alley and its equipment.

Wet Bowling Shoes
An explanation on why you should not wear your wet street shoes into the bowling alley and the importance of keeping your bowling shoes, and the bowling center, dry.

Cleaning Your Bowling Shoes With a Wire Brush
The soles of your bowling shoes will wear over time, causing you to lose some of your slide on the approach. Learn how to combat that with a wire brush.

Bowling Shoe Sizes - Women's
A chart outlining which bowling-shoe size correspond's to a woman's foot size in inches.

Bowling Shoe Sizes - Men's
A chart outlining which bowling-shoe size correspond's to a man's foot size in inches.

Bowling-Equipment Reviews
Write your own reviews and read other user-submitted reviews of bowling equipment.See submissions

Brunswick Radical Inferno Bowling Ball
A review of the Brunswick Radical Inferno bowling ball, a reactive resin ball from Brunswick.

Bowling-Ball Side Weight
Why do some bowling balls have four holes in them? What is a weight hole? It all stems from side weight.

Explaining the PAP on a Bowling Ball
A quick explanation of a bowler's positive axis point and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.

Bowling Equipment
A comprehensive collection of articles regarding bowling equipment.

How Bowling-Ball Cores are Made
A video from The Science Channel explaining how a bowling ball's core is made.

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