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Bowling Shoe Sizes - Women's

Bowling Shoe Size Conversion Chart


A rack of bowling shoes.

A rack of bowling shoes.

Photo by Thinkstock/Getty Images

Actual sizes will vary from one manufacturer to another, so this chart might not be 100% accurate. Use it as a general guide as to what size bowling shoe you wear based on your foot length in inches. If you prefer to do your shoe shopping online, you may find this useful.

Also, you can compare USA, UK and Euro sizes.

Women's Bowling Shoe Sizes

Heel-to-Toe Length
8 11/1652.535
8 13/165.5335.5
9 3/166.5436.5
9 5/1674.537
9 8/167.5538
9 11/1685.539
9 13/168.5639.5
10 3/169.5741
10 5/16107.541.5
10 8/1610.5842
10 11/16118.543
10 11/1311.5943.5

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