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Raw Hammer Acid Bowling Ball

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Raw Hammer Acid Bowling Ball
Photo courtesy of Hammer

The Bottom Line

A ball that highly rewards bowlers who know how to control their shots.

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  • Costs very little for a reactive-resin ball
  • Versatile ball that can play through or around oil
  • Carries through the pins very well on good shots
  • Makes reading the lanes easier


  • Huge hook potential may be tough for beginners
  • Requires frequent cleaning


  • Cover stock: reactive resin
  • Finish: matte
  • Color: burnt red/silver
  • Ideal lane conditions: medium to heavy oil
  • Price: $100-$110

Guide Review - Raw Hammer Acid Bowling Ball

The Raw Hammer Acid's ability to carry through the pins is impressive, but it does force a bowler to know what he's doing. I haven't found it to be exceptionally forgiving on bad shots, but I consider that a positive. The Acid reacts exactly as it should, making reading the lanes much easier than with most balls. A well thrown shot will be a strike, and a poorly thrown shot will miss precisely where it ought to, giving you an excellent idea of what adjustments you need to make.

Another great feature of this ball is its versatility. It will cut through or dance around oil, depending on your preference. On a standard house pattern, with oil on the inside but not on the outside, you'll have a choice: throw the ball toward the middle of the lane, cutting through the oil on the way to the pocket; or use the dry part on the outside of the lane, relying on the strong backend of the Acid to work its way back to the pocket.

Some nights, when the oil gets pushed around, you'll need to be able to do both. With this ball, you'll have the confidence you can.

I wouldn't recommend this ball to a beginner, but an intermediate bowler who wants to get better should definitely give the Raw Hammer Acid some consideration.

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