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League/Recreational Bowling

Learn the types of available leagues, where to find them, how to join, and the benefits of bowling in a league. Also get information on who bowls in leagues and how to set up your team to give you the best chance at winning.

Top 10 Reasons to Join a Bowling League
Have you ever considered joining a bowling league but didn't actually do it? Here are the top 10 reasons to reconsider and finally join the ranks of league bowlers.

Do You Have to be Good to Join a Bowling League?
League bowling has long been a popular recreational sport for people of all ages. But for those who have never competed in a league: do you have to be good to join?

Five Bowlers You'll Meet in League
If you've never bowled in a league and are wondering what to expect, here are descriptions of five types of bowling characters common to most leagues.

Bowling Sponsorships
What is a bowling sponsorship? And how do you get one? Learn the basics of what a bowling sponsorship is and how you can apply to get one yourself.

Bowling Sponsorship Tiers and Perks
Bowling sponsorships are divided into multiple tiers, depending on a bowler's status. Learn more about the tiers and which one might fit you best.

Applying for a Bowling Sponsorship
Before you begin touting your greatness to potential bowling sponsors, you should know what they want to see from you. If you can benefit them, they may want to benefit you, too.

What's a Sport League?
A blog about the differences between sport leagues and house leagues, and how bowling in a sport league will make you a better bowler.

What is a Strike Pot?
You may have heard your league-bowler friends talk about a strike pot. What are they talking about?

Bowling Side Game - Poker
A popular side game among individual bowling teams or entire leagues is poker. How does it work?

You may have heard about sandbagging, but do you know what it is? And have you ever seen it put into action?

Five Things Not to Do While Bowling
No matter how much fun you're having with your friends, there are some things you should never do while bowling. Here are five of them.

Rock and Bowl
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Rock and Bowl, a popular promotion run by most bowling alleys.

Five Things to Do During Rock and Bowl
Five ways to enhance your experience at Rock and Bowl.

Five Things Not to Do During Rock and Bowl
Five things you shouldn't do during Rock and Bowl to maximize your enjoyment.

How to Generate a Bowling Team Lineup
No matter how many members are on each team in your league, there's a strategy to forming a lineup that will optimize your team's performance.

How to Form a Five-Person Bowling Team
What's the ideal lineup for your five-person bowling team?

How to Form a Four-Person Bowling Team
What's the ideal lineup for your four-person bowling team?

How to Form a Three-Person Bowling Team
What's the ideal lineup for your three-person bowling team?

Great Moments in League Bowling
A collection of real stories from the always-fascinating world of league bowling.

30 Frames With a Broken Body
Great Moments in League Bowling History: a man wins the league championship despite a seemingly insurmountable series of injuries.

Throwing a Ball at an Opponent
Great Moments in League Bowling History: a man throws a tantrum - and his ball - at his opponent.

Great Moments in League Bowling History
Despite Barry's 300 game and 800 series, Paul somehow turned the spotlight to him and his incredible feats.

Submit Your League Bowling Stories
Submit your stories of the fascinating and absurd people and events from your bowling leagues.

League Bowler Spotlight: Third Shifters
Some league bowlers seem to spend all night trying to get home, making you wonder why they're in the league at all. These people are called third shifters.

League Bowler Spotlight: Hover Guy
Outlining the traits of one of league bowling's most perplexing characters: Hover Guy.

League Bowling Begins
A blog detailing the beginning of the league-bowling season and detailing a few of the stereotypical characters you'll find in a bowling league.

United States Bowling Congress Youth
An overview of the USBC Youth organization from Kids' Clubs Guide Heidi Coghlan.

United States Bowling Congress
The official website of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

Sport Bowling Leagues
Information on sport bowling leagues from the United States Bowling Congress.

High-School Leagues
An overview of high-school bowling from the USBC.

Perks and Rewards of Bowling in a League
Bowling in a USBC league comes with perks and rewards. Find out what they are at bowl.com.

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