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Bowling Styles - Bowling Crankers

Using Power and Revolutions to Bowl Strikes


Ryan Shafer

Ryan Shafer is known as a cranker.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Crankers are power players. These are the guys who make the pins explode with high revolutions and a powerful release.

Typically, a cranker will employ a high backswing and open his shoulders before delivery, which is where he generates a lot of his power. However, there are plenty of crankers with a low backswing. They use a cupped wrist, open in the backswing, to create revolutions.

Another way crankers generate power is using the plant-and-pull technique (although not all crankers do this). This technique involves very little slide at the foul line, rather planting the slide foot and pulling the ball upward.

Benefits and Pitfalls

Crankers have the ability to throw powerful strikes, even on not-perfect shots, due to the high number of revolutions and speed on the ball. However, with that comes the risk of splits, which crankers are more prone to throw than some of the other bowling styles.

How to Identify a Cranker

  • High revolutions
  • Above-average ball speed
  • Exploding pins

Characteristics of Crankers

  • High backswing
  • Open shoulders at delivery
  • Cupped wrist in the backswing
  • Plant and pull
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