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Conventional Grip

Bowling With Security


A proper conventional grip.

A proper conventional grip.

The conventional bowling grip is common among infrequent bowlers and beginners, largely because house balls require a conventional grip. This gives the novice a more secure grip on the ball, which serves as a good starting point for getting a feel for how to throw a ball.

When selecting a ball, you need to take note of how it fits. To find a proper fit for a conventional grip, place your thumb all the way in the thumb hole. Lay your fingers over the finger holes. If your second knuckle (from the top) is over the middle of the holes, you found a good fit.

You can throw a hook with this grip, but it won’t be as controllable as a fingertip grip. Using this grip as a starting point will allow you to transition easily into a fingertip grip if you ever decide to switch.

The Grip:

  • Place your thumb all the way in the thumb hole
  • Put your middle and ring fingers into the finger holes

Benefits of the Conventional Grip:

  • More secure hold
  • Better control for beginners
  • Large availability of house balls

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