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Fingertip Grip

Bowling With Control


A proper fingertip grip.

A proper fingertip grip.

The fingertip bowling grip is used by most pro bowlers and the majority of serious recreational bowlers. For an experienced and frequent bowler, this grip allows the most control over the ball and also comes with the lowest risk of injury. If you want to get better at bowling, adopting this grip is a good step.

In order to use this grip properly, you need to get your ball drilled specifically to your hand, along with properly sized finger inserts. Otherwise, the chances of injury rise and your scores will drop.

The Grip:

  • Put your fingertips (middle and ring fingers) in the inserts
  • Place your thumb all the way in the thumb hole

If you’re new to the fingertip grip, it may feel strange. More specifically, you might think the thumb hole is too far away from the finger holes. If you’re unsure if the grip is correct, place your thumb in the hole and lay your fingers over the other holes. The first knuckle on each finger should rest just past the inner edge of the holes.

Benefits of the Fingertip Grip:

  • Easier release
  • Better rotation
  • Increased lift
  • More control

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