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Scorpion Oil Pattern


Quick Info:


Length: 41 feet
Oil Volume: Heavy




The Scorpion is a very slick pattern that requires you to find your path to the pocket early. If you don’t, you’re in trouble.


How to Play the Pattern:


You can attack the Scorpion from multiple angles, but due to the large amount of oil, the pattern will vary from lane to lane, and you’ll need to be able to adjust from one lane to the next.

The angle you should play will be based on your rev rate, ball surface, and ball speed. Basically, throw some practice shots and read how your ball is reacting. Practice is extremely important on this pattern, because you need to find your ideal path to the pocket early.

Since the Scorpion has a history of altering during play, you want to throw as many strikes as possible early. That way, if the pattern suddenly changes and you struggle, at least you’ll have a good base to work from.


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