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Viper Oil Pattern


Viper Oil Pattern
Scott Olson/Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Quick Info:


Length: 37 feet
Oil Volume: Moderate




The Viper is fairly versatile pattern that’s beatable by bowlers with the ability to adjust. 37 feet is one of the shortest oil patterns on Tour, so bowlers need to be prepared for an earlier break point than usual.


How to Play the Pattern:


Because the break point is only 37 feet down the lane, you should start your ball more to the outside than you normally do. Adjust your starting position to the right if you’re righthanded, and to the left if you’re a lefty. Depending on your bowling style, you could be throwing as far inside as the second arrow (the 10 board) or as far outside as between the gutter and first arrow (the three board).

Try to keep your ball as straight as possible through the oil. This way, it won’t break too far when it hits the dry part of the lane.

After a few frames have been bowled, the pattern will start to break down. If you’ve been keeping the ball to the outside, the oil will have shifted to allow multiple angles of attack. This is where the versatile bowlers step in and take over.

On the Viper pattern, the bowler who can read the lanes and play multiple lines the best will likely be the winner.


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