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Amleto Monacelli Bowler Profile


Amletto Monacelli

Amletto Monacelli

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:


Born: August 27, 1961
From: Venezuela
Joined Tour: 1982
Bowls: Right-handed
PBA Tour Championships Won: 19
Major Championships Won (1):

  • 1989 Touring Players Championship, Taylor, Michigan
PBA50 Championships Won: 3
PBA50 Major Championships Won (2):
  • 2013 Senior U.S. Open, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2012 Senior U.S. Open, Las Vegas, Nevada



Awards and Honors:





On Venezuela's list of the top athletes of the 20th century, Amleto Monacelli ranked fourth. That alone speaks to the caliber of Monacelli's athleticism. If that's not enough, however, just ask anybody on the PBA50 Tour about Monacelli's fitness regimen. He works out harder than most bowlers on the PBA Tour, let alone the PBA50 Tour, and although the jealousy among his fellow PBA50 competitors may be good-natured, it's jealousy nonetheless.

Monacelli, as of mid-2013, is one of the top PBA50 players and also continues to be a force in National PBA Tour events, cashing and making match play more often than not.

One of a few professional bowlers to speak more than one language, Monacelli can converse fluently in English, Spanish and Italian.

PBA Player of the Year, 1989, 1990

Monacelli was named PBA Player of the Year twice consecutively, in 1989 and 1990. He won seven titles (including the 1989 Touring Players Championship, his only major to date) during those years, making it to the televised finals 20 times and earning nearly $420,000 over that span. Through his career, he's earned more than $2 million, a feat only six other bowlers have ever achieved.

Although he went into somewhat of a title drought (he didn't win a title from 1998 through 2004), he still cashed and made it to match play consistently, appearing in televised finals 15 times during those years. He's since captured five more PBA Tour titles for his career total of 19.

Monacelli Joins PBA50 Tour

The 2012 PBA50 season marked the debut of Amleto Monacelli and, not surprisingly, he immediately made an impact. He won the PBA50 U.S. Open on his way to being named PBA50 Rookie of the Year, competing deep into every event. He cashed in every event he entered during the 2012 PBA50 season and continues his formidable stature into the 2013 season.


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