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Bowler Profile - Bill O'Neill


Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:


Born: October 21, 1981
Hometown: Southampton, Pennsylvania
Joined Tour: 2005
Bowls: Right-handed
Total Championships Won: 5
Major Championships Won (1):



Awards and Honors:


  • Four-time first-team All-American at Saginaw Valley State University
  • Bowling Writers Association of America Collegiate Bowler of the Year, (2001, 2003, 2004)
  • National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association Most Valuable Player (2003, 2004)
  • 2006 PBA Rookie of the Year




Bill O'Neill is widely regarded as one of the best bowlers on Tour, and he's getting better each year. In 2008-09, he finished second in average with 222.96 (trailing the leader, Wes Malott, by only .02), also earning a career-high $91,680.

In 2009-10, he trumped his previous career high by earning $147,275 (good for second on Tour), helped by winning his first two PBA Tour titles, including his first major title in the U.S. Open. He finished in a tie with Mike Scroggins and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. for PBA Player of the Year, but Williams held the tie-breaker and took the award.

If his quick ascent to the top of the PBA Tour continues, O'Neill is poised to have a very successful 2010-11 season.


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