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Bowler Profile - Tommy Jones


Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:


Born: November 2, 1978
Hometown: Simpsonville, South Carolina
Joined Tour: 2000
Bowls: Right-handed
Total Championships Won: 15
Major Championships Won (2):



Awards and Honors:





Even the most casual of bowling fans recognizes Tommy Jones. This is because he frequently appears in the TV finals. He's made it to TV at least once every year since the 2001-02 season, winning 13 titles and over a million dollars in the process.

Jones is one of only three bowlers to have won the PBA Rookie of the Year Award and the PBA Player of the Year Award, along with Mike Aulby and Chris Barnes.

When Jones won the 2006 U.S. Open, he set the PBA record for shortest time between first and tenth titles. Two years, six months and seven days between titles edged Pete Weber's record by a mere four days.

Jones' consistency and ability to bowl well under pressure make him a mainstay in international competition and a very tough opponent on Sundays.

In addition to his PBA Tour titles, Jones has also won eight PBA Regional Tour titles.


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