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Sean Rash

Love Him or Hate Him, He's One of the Best


Sean Rash is one of the most polarizing figures on the PBA Tour, simply because fans either love him or hate him. His competitive nature and clear desire to win are undeniable, and that resonates well with some fans and not so well with others. Regardless, he's one of the top bowlers on the PBA Tour, and he has the 2011-2012 PBA Player of the Year Award to prove it.

After a brisk start to a career in which he racked up a lot of titles quickly, he went into a five-year winless streak that finally ended with his victory in the 2012 Tournament of Champions. Rash is a legitimate contender in every tournament he enters.

1. Sean Rash Bowler Profile

Sean Rash
Photo by Craig Hacker/Getty Images
Facts, stats and information on the career of Sean Rash.

2. Bottlegate

What happens when controversy erupts on the PBA Tour over the popping sound of a plastic water bottle? It's assigned a name and talked about seemingly endlessly. If you missed it, this article explains the basics of what exactly Bottlegate was.

3. 2011 World Bowling Tour Finals

Sean Rash faced Bottlegate rival Jason Belmonte in the match to determine who would face Mika Koivuniemi for the inaugural World Bowling Tour championship.

4. Dan McCarty Throws Ceremonial First Ball Before Petraglia Division Finals

Dan McCarty and Sean Rash
Photo credit: PBA LLC/Steve Spatafore

Dan McCarty from Best Buddies, with a little help from Sean Rash, threw out the ceremonial first ball before the Petraglia Division Finals during the PBA World Championship.

5. Sean Rash Secures Spot in 2011-2012 PBA World Championship Finals

Sean Rash
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Sean Rash, with Dan McCarty cheering him on, advanced through the Petraglia Division finals to earn a spot in the PBA World Championship final round.

6. Sean Rash Breaks Title Drought With 2012 Tournament of Champions Victory

Sean Rash
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC
After five years without a title and a season full of high finishes, Sean Rash finally broke his dubious streak and won the final tournament of the season, the PBA Tournament of Champions.

7. Why Sean Rash Should be the 2011-2012 PBA Tour Player of the Year

Making the case for Sean Rash to win the 2011-2012 PBA Player of the Year Award.

8. Sean Rash Wins 2011-2012 PBA Player of the Year Award - And He Deserves It

Sean Rash
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

In an extremely close race between Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte, with Mike Fagan a close third, Rash's PBA Tour peers voted him the 2011-2012 PBA Player of the Year. Despite strong cases for both Belmonte and Fagan, Rash deserved the award.

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