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2010-2011 PBA TV Schedule

Every PBA Telecast of the 2010-2011 Season


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The PBA's presence on television will be much greater than last season with the addition of some Friday and Saturday telecasts as opposed to the usual schedule of showing only Sunday's finals. The PBA will be shown on its usual television partner ESPN, along with a few broadcasts on ESPN2 and even a return to ABC.

All times shown are Eastern Standard Time. Bold denotes a major championship. For a list of this season's winners, see the 2010-2011 PBA Tour Winners.

2010-2011 PBA TV Schedule

DateEventTime (EST)Channel
November 28, 2010Brunswick Pro Bowling Cheetah Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 5, 2010Pepsi Viper Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 12, 2010Chameleon Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 19, 2010Scorpion Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 26, 2010GEICO Shark Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 9, 2011USA vs. The World1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 14, 2011PBA World Championship5:00 p.m.ESPN2
January 15, 2011PBA World Championship8:30 p.m.ESPN2
January 16, 2011PBA World Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 22, 2011PBA Tournament of Champions2:30 p.m.ABC
January 30, 2011One A Day Earl Anthony Memorial Classic2:00 p.m.ESPN2
February 6, 2011Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational4:00 p.m.ESPN
February 13, 2011Bayer USBC Masters3:00 p.m.ESPN
February 25, 201168th Lumber Liquidators U.S. Open6:00 p.m.ESPN2
February 26, 201168th Lumber Liquidators U.S. Open10:00 p.m.ESPN2
February 27, 201168th Lumber Liquidators U.S. Open3:00 p.m.ESPN
March 6, 2011GEICO Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship1:00 p.m.ESPN
March 27, 2011Dick Weber PBA Playoffs2:30 p.m.ESPN
April 3, 2011Dick Weber PBA Playoffs1:00 p.m.ESPN
April 10, 2011Dick Weber PBA Playoffs1:00 p.m.ESPN
April 17, 2011Dick Weber PBA Playoffs1:00 p.m.ESPN
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