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2011-2012 PBA TV Schedule

Every PBA Telecast of the 2011-2012 Season


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The 2011-2012 PBA season will consist of 18 telecasts, all to be aired on ESPN, and will begin December 4, 2011 with the GEICO World Bowling Tour Finals. The season will finish on April 15, 2012 with the PBA's flagship tournament, the PBA Tournament of Champions.

The actual season began a month before any national telecasts. On November 4, 2011, the World Series of Bowling got underway, where a number of these events were recorded. An event denoted with "(WSOB)" below indicates that event was contested and recorded during the World Series of Bowling to be aired on the date specified.

The first live broadcast of the season will take place January 29, 2012, when we'll see the finals of the USBC Masters. Rounding out the four major championships are the PBA World Championship, with five tape-delayed broadcasts devoted to it (16 finalists are divided into four pods, and one show will be dedicated to each pod, after which the winners of each pod will compete in the finals to be aired on January 15, 2012) and the 69th U.S. Open, the finals of which will be shown live on February 6, 2012.

Calling the action will again be ESPN's announce team of Rob Stone and PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen.

Some events will be contested this year but not aired nationally, a few of which will be exclusive to PBA Xtra Frame, the PBA's subscription video service. For the complete list of PBA Tour events, televised or not, see the 2011-2012 PBA Tour schedule.

All times shown are Eastern Time. Bold denotes a major championship. For a list of this season's winners, see the 2011-2012 PBA Tour Winners.

2011-2012 PBA TV Schedule

DateEventTime (EST/EDT)Channel
December 4, 2011GEIGO World Bowling Tour Finals (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 4, 2011GEIGO World Bowling Tour Finals (WSOB)2:00 p.m.ESPN
December 11, 2011PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
December 18, 2011PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 1, 2012PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 8, 2012PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 15, 2012PBA World Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
January 22, 2012Bayer Viper Open (WSOB)3:00 p.m.ESPN
January 29, 2012USBC Masters12:30 p.m.ESPN
February 5, 2012Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational4:00 p.m.ESPN
February 12, 2012Chameleon Open (WSOB)3:00 p.m.ESPN
February 19, 2012Scorpion Open (WSOB)3:00 p.m.ESPN
February 26, 201269th U.S. Open3:00 p.m.ESPN
March 4, 2012Shark Open (WSOB)3:00 p.m.ESPN
March 25, 2012Lumber Liquidators Mark Roth-Marshall Holman Doubles Championship (WSOB)2:30 p.m.ESPN
April 1, 2012Carmen Salvino Classic (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
April 8, 2012Pepsi PBA Elite Players Championship (WSOB)1:00 p.m.ESPN
April 15, 2012PBA Tournament of Champions1:00 p.m.ESPN
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