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Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award

All the Winners of the Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award


George Lambert, IV

George Lambert, IV, the 2010 winner of the Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Sportsmanship is one of the most important aspects of sports. The Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award, named after the bowler of the same name, is voted on by the PBA Tour pros, and most winners comment on the honor they feel to receive this award from their peers.

Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award

Year Steve Nagy PBA Sportsmanship Award Winner
2013 Ryan Shafer
2012 Martin Larsen
2011 Jack Jurek
2010 George Lambert, IV
2009 Ryan Shafer
2008 Riga Kalfas
2007 Richard Wolfe
2006 Jack Jurek
2005 Jason Queen
2004 Tim Criss
2003 Jason Queen
2002 Justin Hromek
2000 Justin Hromek
1999 Justin Hromek
1998 Tim Criss
1997 Butch Soper
  Rick Steelsmith
1996 Curtis Odom
1995 Mike Aulby
1994 Mike Aulby
1993 Parker Bohn, III
1992 Parker Bohn, III
1991 Parker Bohn, III
1990 Parker Bohn, III
1989 Dave Husted
1988 Dave Husted
1987 Steve Martin
1986 Steve Martin
1985 Steve Martin
1984 Jim Pritts, Jr.
1983 Rich Gradley
1982 Sam Zurich
1981 Tom Baker
1980 Tom Baker
1979 Alvin Lou
1978 Gil Sliker
1977 Don Johnson
1976 Tommy Hudson
1975 Jim Frazier
  Les Schissler
  Les Zikes
1974 Gary Dickinson
  Alex Seymore
1973 Gary Dickinson
  Dick Ritger
1972 Gary Dickinson
1971 Mike Orlovsky
1970 Dick Ritger
  Dave Soutar
  Johnny Guenther
1969 Ralph Engan
1968 Ralph Engan
1967 Johnny Guenther
1966 Johnny Guenther
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