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PBA Senior Rookies of the Year

The Top Rookies on the PBA Senior Tour


Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

Walter Ray Williams, Jr., the 2010 PBA Senior Rookie of the Year

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Most enjoyed lucrative and successful runs on the PBA Tour, and they made an immediate impression upon joining the Senior Tour. Here's a list of all the winners of the PBA Senior Rookie of the Year Award.

PBA50 Rookies of the Year

YearSenior Rookie of the Year
2013Pete Weber
2012Amleto Monacelli
2011Ricky Beck
2010Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
2009Brian Voss
2008Wayne Webb
2007Sam Zurich
2006Bob Kelly
2005Tom Baker
2004David Ozio
2003Don Sylvia
2002Vince Mazzanti, Jr.
2001Mark Roth
2000Guppy Troup
1999Mike Pullin
1998Johnny Petraglia
1997George Pappas
1996Dale Eagle
1995Pete Couture
1994Larry Laub

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