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PBA Tournament of Champions Winners

All the Winners of the PBA Tournament of Champions


Pete Weber

Pete Weber, winner of the 2013 Tournament of Champions

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC Sean Rash

Sean Rash, winner of the 2012 Tournament of Champions

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC Mika Koivuniemi

Mika Koivuniemi, winner of the 2011 PBA Tournament of Champions.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

It's called the Tournament of Champions for a reason - it's full of champions. The winners of this tournament have to be on the top of their games, and these are the people who've done it.

PBA Tournament of Champions Winners

Year Tournament of Champions Winner
2014 Jason Belmonte
2013 Pete Weber
2012 Sean Rash
2011 Mika Koivuniemi (Jef's Blog)
2010 Kelly Kulick (Jef's Blog)
2009 Patrick Allen
2008 Michael Haugen, Jr.
2007 Tommy Jones
2006 Chris Barnes
2005 Steve Jaros
2003 Patrick Healey, Jr.
2002 Jason Couch
2000 Jason Couch
1999 Jason Couch
1998 Bryan Goebel
1997 John Gant
1996 Dave D'Entremont
1995 Mike Aulby
1994 Norm Duke
1993 George Branham, III
1992 Marc McDowell
1991 David Ozio
1990 Dave Ferraro
1989 Del Ballard, Jr.
1988 Mark Williams
1987 Pete Weber
1986 Marshall Holman
1985 Mark Williams
1984 Mike Durbin
1983 Joe Berardi
1982 Mike Durbin
1981 Steve Cook
1980 Wayne Webb
1979 George Pappas
1978 Earl Anthony
1977 Mike Berlin
1976 Marshall Holman
1975 Dave Davis
1974 Earl Anthony
1973 Jim Godman
1972 Mike Durbin
1971 Johnny Petraglia
1970 Don Johnson
1969 Jim Godman
1968 Dave Davis
1967 Jim Stefanich
1966 Wayne Zahn
1965 Billy Hardwick
1964 Joe Joseph
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