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PBA U.S. Open Champions

All the Winners of the PBA U.S. Open


Pete Weber

Pete Weber, winner of the 2012 U.S. Open, his record fifth title in this event.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Anyone who bowls seriously would love to have his or her name associated with winning the U.S. Open. Here are the people who achieved that feat.

Note: this list includes winners of the modern-day U.S. Open, which was first contested in 1971. Prior to that, the tournament was referred to as the BPAA All-Star Competition.

PBA U.S. Open Champions

YearU.S. Open Champion
2013Wes Malott
2012Pete Weber
2011Norm Duke (Jef's Blog)
2010Bill O'Neill (Jef's Blog)
2009Mike Scroggins
2008Norm Duke
2007Pete Weber
2006Tommy Jones
2005Chris Barnes
2004Pete Weber
2003Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
2001Mika Koivuniemi
2000Robert Smith
1999Bob Learn, Jr.
1998Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
1996Dave Husted
1995Dave Husted
1994Justin Hromek
1993Del Ballard, Jr.
1992Robert Lawrence
1991Pete Weber
1990Ron Palombi, Jr.
1989Mike Aulby
1988Pete Weber
1987Del Ballard, Jr.
1986Steve Cook
1985Marshall Holman
1984Mark Roth
1983Gary Dickinson
1982Dave Husted
1981Marshall Holman
1980Steve Martin
1979Joe Berardi
1978Nelson Burton, Jr.
1977Johnny Petraglia
1976Paul Moser
1975Steve Neff
1974Larry Laub
1973Mike McGrath
1972Don Johnson
1971Mike Limongello
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