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Bowler Profile - Chris Barnes


Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes

Photo by Craig Hacker/Getty Images

Quick Info:


Born: February 25, 1970
Hometown: Topeka, Kansas
Joined Tour: 1998
Bowls: Right-handed
Total Championships Won: 17
Major Championships Won (3):



Awards and Honors:





Chris Barnes is a mainstay in TV finals. He's won 13 career titles, including three majors, but has been criticized for his tendency to throw splits or miss spares in big situations on television.

Barnes cashed in every event he entered since the 2006-2007 season, a total of 66 events. He's only missed out on cashing in one event since 2004-2005 in over 100 events entered. He's won at least one title every season since 2001-2002, although he's still looking for his first in 2009-2010.

Barnes is one of the most recognizable bowlers on Tour. A lot of that has to do with his frequent TV appearances, but it's also due to his success at the collegiate and international levels.

In 2005, Barnes reached $1 million in earnings faster than anyone in history. He surpassed the mark in his 220th event - the previous record was 253, shared by Pete Weber and Jason Couch.

With all Barnes' accomplishments at all levels - collegiate, international, professional - there's no denying he's one of the greats. PBA ranked him 28th on their list of the 50 best bowlers of all time, and his career was only ten years old at the time.

Barnes and his wife, Lynda, live in Double Oak, Texas with their twin sons.


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