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Bowler Profile - Rhino Page


Rhino Page

Rhino Page

Photo Courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:

Born: July 10, 1983
Joined Tour: 2007
Bowls: Left-handed
Total Championships Won: 3
Major Championships Won: None yet

Awards and Honors:


Rhino Page was named the PBA Rookie of the Year in 2007-08, and for good reason. He made five championship-round appearances, which is a PBA record for rookies, and even more impressive, all five of those required him to advance from the Tour Qualifying Round - another PBA record. His $84,811 earned that year is the most ever earned by a rookie.

In addition to all his rookie records, he holds a few PBA records:

  • Most times advancing from the Tour Qualifying Round: 12
  • Most times reaching the top 32 as a qualifier: 9
  • Seven-game scoring record: 1,883

Page has won everywhere he's been. From the University of Kansas to Team USA to the PBA Tour, Rhino Page is someone other bowlers have to be aware of. His slick delivery and powerful pin action make him a threat to win any tournament, which is why he's one of the PBA's rising young stars.

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