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Bowler Profile - Walter Ray Williams, Jr.


Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:


Born: October 6, 1959
Hometown: Eureka, California
Joined Tour: 1980
Bowls: Right-handed
PBA Tour Championships Won: 47
PBA50 Championships Won: 9
Major Championships Won (8):



Awards and Honors:





Nicknamed Deadeye for his accuracy in both bowling and horseshoes, Walter Ray Williams, Jr. is one of the most respected bowlers on the PBA Tour among his competitors.

A seven-time player of the year, Williams is also the all-time leading money winner on Tour. Williams has dominated the Tour for almost two decades, despite currently being significantly older than most of his competitors.

His calm demeanor combined with his powerful delivery make him one of the most charismatic bowlers on Tour. People, and his fellow bowlers, are amazed at what a man with such a level head can do with a bowling ball.

Williams placed #2 on the PBA's 50 Greatest Players of the Last 50 Years list during the 2008-09 season, behind only Earl Anthony.


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