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Bowling: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Score a Game of Bowling (Without the...
An explanation of how the bowling scoring system works, how to add strikes and spares, and why 300 is a perfect score.
How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball for Your...
A tutorial on choosing the right bowling ball for your style and abilities.
How to Throw Strikes Consistently in Bowling
A step-by-step tutorial on finding the ideal starting position, target, and speed that will help you throw strikes consistently, as well as build a foundation for picking up any spare.
Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes?
Every bowling alley requires bowlers to wear bowling shoes, and it's not just so they can get another couple dollars out of you. It's for the safety of you, the other bowlers and the upkeep of the bowling alley and its equipment.
What You Should Know Before Drilling Your...
Having a bowling ball drilled specifically for your hand and your game is a vital piece of becoming a consistent, high-scoring bowler. Before you drill your ball though, there are a few things you need to know.
12 Nicknames For Consecutive Bowling Strikes
Three strikes is a turkey. What about four strikes? Nine strikes? Learn what to shout after each successive strike you throw.
How to Make Your Bowling Ball Hook
A step-by-step tutorial on how to hook a bowling ball.
Why Bowlers Tend to Leave the 10 Pin
For right-handed bowlers. The science behind one of bowling's great frustrations - throwing a seemingly perfect strike ball but leaving the 10 pin.
How to Become a Pro Bowler on the PBA Tour
An article on the minimum qualifications required to join the Professional Bowlers Association and how to earn and maintain a spot on the PBA Tour.
Should You Use a Reactive Resin Bowling Ball?
An overview of reactive-resin cover stocks and bowling balls.
Clean Your Bowling Ball With the Immersion Method
A step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your bowling reactive-resin bowling ball using the immersion method.
You May Throw a Bowling Ball Weighing 16 Pounds...
The maximum legal bowling-ball weight is 16 pounds. Does that mean all the best bowlers use 16-pound bowling balls?
What is the Pin on a Bowling Ball?
A quick explanation of a bowling ball's pin and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.
How Much Should Your Bowling Ball Weigh?
Bowling balls come in many different weights. Which one is right for you?
How to Calculate Your Bowling Handicap
An explanation on how to calculate your bowling handicap.
How to Hold a Bowling Ball - Conventional Grip
The most basic way to hold a bowling ball is called the conventional bowling grip.
What is a House Oil Pattern in Bowling and How...
A description of the house oil pattern.
How to Pick Up Bowling Spares for Right-Handed...
A step-by-step tutorial on how to pick up spares by making simple adjustments in your starting position.
How Bowling Oil Breaks Down
An explanation of what it means to break down the oil on a bowling lane.
Why it Take 12 Strikes to Roll a Perfect Game...
A perfect score in bowling is 300. Why does it take 12 strikes to get there when there are only 10 frames?
Scotch Doubles in Bowling
In scotch doubles, teams of two bowlers compete while alternating shots, regardless of whether they strike, spare or open.
Bowling Don'ts - Five Things Not to Do While...
No matter how much fun you're having with your friends, there are some things you should never do while bowling. Here are five of them.
Does One Great Game Mean You Can Be a...
You had a good game last week. Does a career as a professional bowler await you?
Bowling Pin Rack
The layout and dimensions of a bowling pin rack.
Amleto Monacelli - Profile of PBA Tour Bowler...
A profile of professional bowler Amleto Monacelli, a trilingual Hall of Famer and two-time PBA Player of the Year.
Bowling Myth - Hitting the Head Pin Guarantees...
Hitting the head pin is almost (yes, almost) essential to getting a strike, but does hitting the head pin guarantee a strike?
Baker Team Competition Format
The Baker Format is used in many levels of bowling competition, notably collegiate and high-school bowling. The PBA Tour uses it for specific events.
No-Tap Bowling Scoring
An explanation of how to score a no-tap game of bowling.
How to Behave in a Bowling Alley
A quick overview of bowling etiquette you should follow whenever you're in a bowling alley.
Plastic and Polyester Cover Stock Bowling Balls
An overview of plastic and polyester cover stocks and bowling balls.
Bowling Myth - Throwing a Hook Makes You A...
Does throwing a hook make you a great bowler? Does a bigger hook generally represent a better bowler?
Bowling Styles - Common Techniques and Styles
There are many different types of bowling styles, and it's often hard to categorize a bowler's method. Here are some of the most common bowling styles.
Bowling Fouls - Stepping Over the Line
An explanation of the foul line and its function.
Why am I Leaving the 7 Pin?
For left-handed bowlers. The science behind one of bowling's great frustrations - throwing a seemingly perfect strike ball but leaving the 7 pin.
Easy House Shots - Bowling on House Oil Patterns
What is a house shot in bowling? And why do people refer to it as easy? Is any shot in bowling actually easy, especially for a beginner?
Urethane Bowling Balls
An overview of urethane cover stocks and bowling balls.
What Style of Bowling Do Strokers Favor?
Bowlers who rely on a smooth, consistent delivery are referred to as strokers.
Bowling-Ball Tracks Explained
A quick explanation of a bowling ball's track and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.
How to Pick Up Spares for Left-Handed Bowlers
A step-by-step tutorial on how to pick up spares by making simple adjustments in your starting position. This tutorial is for left-handed bowlers.
How to Calculate Your Bowling Average
A quick explanation of how to calculate your bowling average.
How to Get Sponsored by a Bowling Company
What is a bowling sponsorship? And how do you get one? Learn the basics of what a bowling sponsorship is and how you can apply to get one yourself.
How Does a Cranker Play in Bowling?
Bowlers who use a lot of wrist action to put a high number of revolutions and power into their shots are referred to as crankers.
How to Apply the Fingertip Bowling Grip
A quick overview of using the fingertip bowling grip.
The Core of a Bowling Ball
What is the core of a bowling ball?
Seven Things You Should Know About Bowling
Some things need to be common knowledge to any bowler. Here are seven of them.
What Style of Bowling Do Tweeners Play?
Bowlers who combine some elements of cranking with some elements of stroking are known as tweeners.
How to Apply for a Bowling Sponsorship
Before you begin touting your greatness to potential bowling sponsors, you should know what they want to see from you. If you can benefit them, they may want to benefit you, too.
Bowling Side Game - Poker
A popular side game among individual bowling teams or entire leagues is poker. How does it work?
How Often Should I Clean My Bowling Ball?
A quick overview of how often to clean your bowling ball.
What's the Best Strategy for Creating Your...
What's the ideal lineup for your five-person bowling team?
Conventional Grip
A quick overview of the conventional bowling grip.
Finger Position Adjustments
A quick tutorial on how and when to alter your finger position to control your shots.
How to Read and Adjust to Bowling Lane Conditions
Simple bowling adjustments that, when applied correctly, will drastically improve your scores.
What Does it Mean to Throw it Through the Nose...
In bowling, you might hear people talk about going through the nose (or going through the face), and you won't hear about it in a positive tone.
Speed Adjustments
A quick tutorial on how and when to use speed adjustments to your advantage.
PBA Regional Tour - Information on and How to...
A general overview of the PBA Regional Tour - what it is, why it exists, and how to join.
How to Make Lateral Adjustments in Bowling
A quick tutorial on how and when to use lateral adjustments to your advantage.
Bridge on a Bowling Ball
The bridge of a bowling ball, also known as the web, is the spot between the two finger holes, typically ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 inches in width.
Is the Best Bowler the Guy with the Most...
Can you determine the quality of a bowler by the number of bowling balls in his arsenal?
The Truths About Bowling Misconceptions
The truth about some of bowling's commonly held misconceptions.
Bowling Pins - Information and Facts
You know why bowling pins exist: so you can repeatedly knock them over. But what else should we know about these built-to-be-brutalized objects?
RG Ratings Explained
A quick explanation of what an RG rating is in reference to a bowling ball.
Do You Have to be Good to Join a Bowling League?
League bowling has long been a popular recreational sport for people of all ages. But for those who have never competed in a league: do you have to be good to join?
What is the Bowling Ball Side Weight Hole?
Why do some bowling balls have four holes in them? What is a weight hole? It all stems from side weight.
The Span on a Bowling Ball
The distance between your finger holes and thumb hole is an extremely important aspect of a bowling-ball layout: the span.
What Does it Mean to Leave a Bucket in Bowling?
If you watch enough bowling, you've seen and heard people talk about buckets. What are they? Here is the definition and an example.
Explaining the PAP on a Bowling Ball
A quick explanation of a bowler's positive axis point and how it can help you when getting equipment drilled.
What Are Flat Gutters in Bowling?
Explaining flat gutters in bowling and the conspiracy theories surrounding them.
Five Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Shoes
If you bowl with any level of frequency greater than never, you should buy your own bowling shoes. Here are five reasons why.
Why Would You Add Loft to Your Bowling Ball?
Defining what it means to loft a bowling ball and why a bowler might want to do it.
Ryan Shafer - Professional Bowler Profile
A profile of professional bowler Ryan Shafer, a powerful bowler who is one of the few in history to have earned more than a million dollars on the PBA Tour.
Why Does Bowling Get Harder As I Get Better?
It seems contradictory, but for most people, it's true: as you get better, bowling gets harder. What's going on here? Why is this?
CG (Center of Gravity on a Bowling Ball)
Is the CG (center of gravity) important on a bowling ball? Yes. Of course it is. But why?
Hambone - Bowling Glossary - Four Strikes in a...
A definition of a hambone in bowling.
Bowling Sponsorship Tiers and Perks
Bowling sponsorships are divided into multiple tiers, depending on a bowler's status. Learn more about the tiers and which one might fit you best.
Sandbagging in Bowling Leagues
You may have heard about sandbagging, but do you know what it is? And have you ever seen it put into action?
Top 10 Reasons to Join a Bowling League
Have you ever considered joining a bowling league but didn't actually do it? Here are the top 10 reasons to reconsider and finally join the ranks of league bowlers.
Carry Down in Bowling
Oil that is pushed past the length of the pattern by bowling balls is referred to as carry down. How do you recognize it and how do you adapt to it?
Bowling Styles - Power Strokers
The power of a cranker and the smooth release of a stroker combine to define a power stroker.
Where to Stand When Bowling
Is there a particular place you have to stand while bowling? What are the rules regarding a bowler's starting position?
Bowling Oil - There is Oil on the Lanes
Have you ever fallen or seen somebody else fall unexpectedly when stepping onto a bowling lane? It's slippery because it's covered in oil.
Walled Up
Defining walled-up lane conditions in bowling.
What is a Strike Pot?
You may have heard your league-bowler friends talk about a strike pot. What are they talking about?
Review - Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball
A review of the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball, a plastic ball from Ebonite.
PBA Viper Oil Pattern
A description of the Viper oil pattern.
Flat 10 in Bowling
Defining a flat 10 pin in bowling.
Entry Angle - Bowling Glossary - Bowling Entry...
A definition of an entry angle. Bowling.
Six Things You May Not Know About Bowling
Many of the aspects of bowling taken for granted by experienced bowlers are complete revelations to beginning bowlers. Here are six things you may not know about bowling.
Cleaning Your Bowling Shoes With a Wire Brush
The soles of your bowling shoes will wear over time, causing you to lose some of your slide on the approach. Learn how to combat that with a wire brush.
Five Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Ball
Do you bowl even moderately often? Have you ever considered purchasing your own bowling ball, rather than using one of the balls on the rack in the alley? Here are five reasons to buy your own bowling ball.
Bowling Turkey - Bowling Glossary - Three...
A definition of a turkey in bowling.
Brunswick Nexxus f(P+R) Bowling Ball Review
A review of the Brunswick Nexxus f(P+R) reactive-resin bowling ball.
Scratch - Bowling Glossary - Bowling Scratch...
A definition of scratch in bowling.
The Dreaded Gutter in Bowling
A definition of a gutter in bowling.
Stepladder Competition Format
A brief explanation on the stepladder format of competition, often used to determine PBA Tour champions.
Forward/Backward Adjustments
A quick tutorial on how and when to use forward and backward adjustments to your advantage.
Defining a Perfect Strike in Bowling
Is there such a thing as a perfect strike in bowling?
Bumper Bowling
Bumper bowling involves blocking the gutters from a lane, meaning people of all ages and abilities have a legitimate chance to knock down pins and enjoy a game of bowling.
What's My Bowling Shoe Size? - Women's Bowling...
A chart outlining which bowling-shoe size correspond's to a woman's foot size in inches.
Cheetah Oil Pattern - PBA Experience Oil Pattern
A description of the Cheetah oil pattern.
How to Choose a Bowling Bag
A quick guide on determining which bowling bag is best for you, your arsenal and your game.
Amleto Monacelli Wins USBC Senior Masters for...
Amleto Monacelli defeated fellow Hall of Famer Pete Weber twice in the championship match to win the 2015 USBC Senior Masters.
Profile of PBA Bowler Chris Barnes
A profile of professional bowler Chris Barnes, one of the top bowlers on the PBA Tour.
Illegal Pinfall - Bowling Pins Don't Always Count
A list of scenarios in which pins you knock down don't actually count.
Norm Duke Bowler Profile
A profile of professional bowler Norm Duke, recognized as one of the top PBA Tour bowlers of all time.
Backup Ball - Bowling Glossary - Throwing a...
A definition of a backup ball. Bowling.
Why You Should Warm Up Prior to Bowling
Why should you warm up before bowling? The importance of being ready to bowl and suggestions on how to do so.
Greek Church Split Definition in Bowling
A definition of a Greek Church in bowling.
Bottlegate - Scandal on the PBA Tour Over Water...
What happens when controversy erupts on the PBA Tour over the popping sound of a plastic water bottle? It's assigned a name and talked about seemingly endlessly. If you missed it, this article explains the basics of what exactly Bottlegate was.
Strings of Strikes in Bowling
Defining a string of strikes in bowling.
Bowling Styles - Spinners
Bowlers who put a vertical-axis rotation on the ball, intending to hit the head pin, then move down the line are called spinners.
Chameleon - PBA Experience Oil Pattern
A description of the Chameleon oil pattern.
Brooklyn - Bowling Glossary - Brooklyn Strike
A definition of a Brooklyn strike in bowling.
Full Roller
The definition of a full roller in bowling.
Bowling Balls - Cover Stocks
Information on the benefits and downsides of each bowling-ball cover stock.
Don't Waste Strikes in Practice
Is it truly possible to waste strikes in practice as so many league bowlers joke from week to week?
Pete Weber Bowler Profile - Profile of PBA...
A profile of professional bowler Pete Weber, one of the most popular and charismatic bowlers in PBA Tour history.
A Profile of Professional Bowler Walter Ray...
A profile of professional bowler Walter Ray Williams, Jr., the all-time leader in wins on the PBA Tour.
A definition of a layout in bowling.
Mass Bias in a Bowling Ball
What is the mass bias in a bowling ball and why does it matter?
Shark Oil Pattern - PBA Experience Oil Pattern
A description of the Shark oil pattern.
Why is the 7 Pin Named Timmy in Bowling?
What is a Timmy in bowling? Where did the term originate, and what does it mean?
Position Round
A definition of position round in bowling.
Ball Adjustments
A quick tutorial on how and when to change bowling balls.
How Should You Set Your Bowling Team's Lineup?
No matter how many members are on each team in your league, there's a strategy to forming a lineup that will optimize your team's performance.
Blind Score - Bowling Glossary - Absent Bowlers
A definition of a blind score in bowling.
Pocket - Bowling Glossary - Pocket Strikes
A definition of the pocket in bowling.
PBA Hall of Fame - Every Member of the PBA Hall...
A list of every PBA Hall of Fame member in the performance category.
What is a Clean Game in Bowling?
Answering common questions regarding what is and isn't a clean game in bowling.
How to Earn a PBA Tour Exemption
An explanation on the multiple ways to earn an exemption on the PBA Tour.
Ten in the Pit
One of the best feelings in bowling: dropping 10 in the pit for a strike.
PBA Experience Scorpion Oil Pattern and How to...
A description of the Scorpion oil pattern.
Defining a sweeper in bowling.
A definition of a single in bowling.
Friction in Bowling
Defining friction in bowling.
A definition of sandbagging in bowling.
Strike Out - Bowling Glossary - Striking Out in...
A definition of striking out in bowling.
May a PBA Tour Bowler Drink Alcohol During...
May a PBA Tour bowler drink alcohol during competition?
On the Number
A definition of qualifying on the number in bowling.
A definition of a washout in bowling.
Gary Faulkner, Jr. Wins First Title and First...
In his first ever televised finals appearance, Gary Faulkner, Jr. won three matches to earn the PBA World Championship.
A definition of a re-rack in bowling.
One-Pair Lane Courtesy Rule
A quick description of the one-pair lane courtesy rule, predominantly used on the PBA Tour.
Rolloff - Bowling Glossary - Bowling Rolloffs
A definition of a rolloff in bowling.
Animal-Themed Oil Patterns
A collection of the PBA's animal-themed oil patterns, commonly used in sport leagues and also in various PBA tournaments.
Cover Stock - Bowling Glossary - Bowling Ball...
A definition of a bowling ball's cover stock.
Mika Koivuniemi - Profile of PBA Tour Bowler...
A profile of professional bowler Mika Koivuniemi, the first bowler to ever make the television finals in all four majors in one season (2010-2011).
Lined Up in Bowling
Once you get lined up in bowling, you're feeling good. Can you maintain it?
Messenger - Bowling Glossary - Messenger Pin
A definition of a messenger in bowling.
The Beer Frame in Bowling
A definition of a beer frame in bowling.

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