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How to Bowl Strikes

A bowling ball on its way to hooking into the pins.

The keys to high bowling scores are strikes and spares. In order to consistently throw strikes and pick up spares when needed, you need to find your strike ball.

Bowling Spotlight10


Defining a tandem in bowling.


Defining a pull in bowling.

Do Work

Investigating the meaning of "do work" in bowling.


Defining a sweeper in bowling.

Mike Dias Wins PBA50 Grants Pass Open, Second Career PBA50 Title

Mike Dias became the first bowler not in the PBA Hall of Fame to win a PBA50 title this season, defeating Dale Eagle in the championship match.

Tom Baker Wins PBA50 Northern California Classic

Tom Baker won his 11th career PBA50 title when he triumphed over Parker Bohn III in the championship match of the PBA50 Northern California Classic.

Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Wins USBC Senior Masters for First PBA50 Major

Walter Ray Williams, Jr. defeated 2010 USBC Masters champion Mike Edwards to get to the title match, then ousted undefeated Jack Jurek for Williams' first PBA50 major championship.

Norm Duke is One for One in PBA50 Majors After Winning Senior U.S. Open

Norm Duke earned the top seed in his first career PBA50 major, then defeated fellow Hall of Famer Pete Weber in the title match to secure the championship.


Defining a yank in bowling.


Defining a string of strikes in bowling.

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