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2013 Brooklyn Styles

PBA League Team Profile


Team Name: Brooklyn Styles
Celebrity Owner: Jesse Williams
Franchise Player: Sean Rash

Sean Rash, franchise player for the Brooklyn Styles, put together a team of those who have won, those who will win and most of all, those who always want to win. Every member of this team thinks of each tournament as a chance to win a title, and will be one of the most competitive teams in the league.

1. Sean Rash

Sean Rash
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

The 2011-2012 PBA Player of the Year, Rash is emerging as one of the top bowlers in the world. When he first joined the Tour, he came with a lot of hype (and wins) right away. After a winless slump that lasted several years, be broke through with the 2012 Tournament of Champions win and ultimately the Player of the Year Award.

Rash is a highly supportive teammate and, when combined with his insatiable appetite for winning, will undoubtedly have his team ready to compete.

2. Ryan Ciminelli

Ryan Ciminelli
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Rash's runner-up in the Tournament of Champions, Ciminelli is an intimidating force every time he takes the lanes. With an aggressive style coming from the left side, Ciminelli can do a lot of damage when he finds his line.

Ciminelli will be relied on to give that aggressiveness and desire to win to the Styles.

3. Ryan Shafer

Ryan Shafer
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Ryan Shafer was the 1987 PBA Rookie of the Year and also was voted by his peers the 2008-2009 Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award winner. Perhaps most famous for making it to 14 television finals in majors, finishing second five times but never winning a major championship, Shafer has proven an ability to get down to the end of tournaments.

With league play, Shafer will need to use that ability to place high and roll some high scores, piling up as many pins as he can for the Styles.

4. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

When Rash made this pick, he merely wrote "G.O.A.T." on the paper, which stands for "Greatest of All Time."

Whether he truly is the greatest ever is debatable, but the debate isn't valid unless his name is included. Williams is the all-time leader in PBA Tour titles with 47, eight of which are majors. He's also won four PBA50 titles and eight Player of the Year awards (seven on the PBA Tour and one on the PBA50 Tour).

One can't go wrong adding this Hall of Famer to any roster.

5. Jason Sterner

Brooklyn Styles logo
Image courtesy of PBA LLC

Sterner made his first television appearance during the 2012 World Series of Bowling, falling to eventual winner Tom Daugherty in the first stepladder match. A long-time star in the PBA South Region, Sterner has six Regional titles and two South Player of the Year awards to his name. Rash sees the ability and competitiveness in Sterner, and grabbed him with the final full roster spot.

6. Tom Hess

Tom Hess
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Hess' claim to fame came (rhyming intended) in the 2011 USBC Masters, defeating Jack Jurek in the finals. Since then, Hess hasn't won any titles but still makes his presence known as he competes deep into tournaments more often than not. As the supplemental pick for the Styles, Hess will bowl if any of the other bowlers are unable to compete.

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