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Bowling Alleys - Where to Bowl and How Bowling Centers Operate

Explore the inner workings of bowling alleys, including lane dimensions, pinsetter information, and how to run a successful bowling center. Also, learn about some of the world's famous bowling centers.

Bowling Pins
Facts, specs, and general information on bowling pins.

Bowling Pin Rack
The layout and dimensions of a bowling pin rack.

There is Oil on the Lanes
Have you ever fallen or seen somebody else fall unexpectedly when stepping onto a bowling lane? It's slippery because it's covered in oil.

Bumper Bowling
Bumper bowling involves blocking the gutters from a lane, meaning people of all ages and abilities have a legitimate chance to knock down pins and enjoy a game of bowling.

Best Bowling Alleys USA
A community of bowling-alley reviews and discussions covering the entire United States.

Opening a Bowling Alley
Brunswick answers your questions on what it takes to open a bowling alley.

National Bowling Stadium
The world-famous National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV, from the official Reno-Tahoe tourism site.

Bowling Center Locator
A quick way to find a nearby bowling center to your home or vacation spot.

Famous Bowling Alleys
Profiles of five famous bowling alleys from the Mental Floss Blog.

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