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Bowling Equipment


Learn all about bowling equipment - why some bowling balls work better in certain situations than others, why some bowlers use gloves and some use tape and some use neither, and the pros and cons of all bowling equipment - through informative articles and first-hand reviews.

  1. Bowling Balls
  2. Bowling Shoes
  3. Bowling Equipment Reviews
  4. Bowling Alley Equipment

Bowling Balls

Bowling strike.

Everything you need to know about bowling balls. The history, their differences and how to find the best ball for your individual bowling style.

Bowling Shoes

A rack of bowling shoes.

Why do bowling alleys require all participants to wear bowling shoes? They're not just a fashion statement - they're integral to maintaining the condition of the bowling alley.

Bowling Equipment Reviews

Ebonite Maxim bowling ball

First-hand reviews of various bowling equipment to help you make wise purchasing decisions.

Bowling Alley Equipment

A Brunswick ball return

Information on what equipment it takes to run a bowling alley, including scoring systems, pinsetters, lanes and more.

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