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Bowling Styles - Bowling Strokers

Using Finesse and Accuracy to Bowl Strikes


Norm Duke

Norm Duke has the low-medium backswing of a stroker.

Photo by Craig Hacker/Getty Images

With a smooth delivery relying on accuracy and consistency rather than power and speed, strokers are often some of the best bowlers around the world.

Unlike crankers, who use speed and power to explode through the pin rack, strokers depend on accuracy and ball placement to get their strikes.

A stroker's backswing might reach as high as parallel to the ground, but it's rare to see a stroker with a higher backswing. Due to the low backswing, strokers typically put a smaller number of revolutions on the ball, hence the focus on needing to be consistent and accurate in their deliveries.

Benefits and Pitfalls

Strokers are able to repeat shots with more consistency than crankers due to their reliance on a smooth, accurate delivery rather than pure power. However, in taking revolutions and speed off the ball, they don't have the power or entry angle to blow through the pins as a cranker might.

How to Identify a Stroker

  • Low-medium revolutions
  • Average ball speed
  • Gradual hook

Characteristics of Strokers

  • Low backswing
  • Shoulders square to the foul line
  • Smooth, seemingly effortless delivery
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