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2008-09 Top PBA Money Winners

The Top Money Winners During the 2008-2009 PBA Tour Season


Norm Duke

Norm Duke was the top money winner during the 2008-2009 PBA Tour season.

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

It's not as lucrative as many other sports, but the top professional bowlers can earn very nice livings. Here are the top 20 money winners from the 2008-09 PBA Tour season.

All amounts are in United States dollars.

2008-2009 Top 20 PBA Tour Averages

BowlerMoney Earned (USD)EventsTitles
Norm Duke$199,130183
Rhino Page$197,760201
Mike Scroggins$179,820211
Patrick Allen$175,900213
Wes Malott$174,680203
Chris Barnes$156,790212
Walter Ray Williams, Jr.$99,680211
Bill O'Neill$91,680200
Brad Angelo$85,850211
Mike Fagan$81,850200
Pete Weber$80,355210
Parker Bohn, III$80,190211
John Nolen$79,325191
Tommy Jones$74,970210
Mika Koivuniemi$69,750210
Danny Wiseman$69,650210
Steve Harman$68,570190
Sean Rash$67,090210
Jeff Carter$60,327191
Ryan Shafer$60,320210

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