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Bowler Profile - Tom Smallwood


Tom Smallwood

Tom Smallwood

Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Quick Info:


Born: November 4, 1977
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Joined Tour: 2003
Bowls: Right-handed
Total Championships Won: 2
Major Championships Won (1):





Tom Smallwood became very well known as the guy who was laid off from his job at General Motors and then seemingly came out of nowhere to win the 2009 PBA World Championship, but the rest of his season made it clear he's more than a one-time good story. He's a prominent bowler on the PBA Tour.

In the 2009-10 season, Smallwood bowled in 18 events, cashing 15 times (earning $89,960, sixth on the PBA season money list) and appearing on television three times.

The story of Smallwood winning the World Championship garnered much mainstream media attention for the PBA Tour and himself. Rather than falter under the increased media attention, he turned himself into one of the favorites on Tour.


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